Thesis blog #6

3 min readDec 26, 2020

After I’ve spent time thinking about authoritarianism and my statement “powerism is everywhere” It made me look at the use of human power. I listened to a podcast that summarizing each chapter of the sapiens book, as well as reading a blog about the facts of power on The momentum’s website. It has made me see that humans use their power to take advantage of people, including other animals. So I intend to make a contribution to human power and show that humans have so much power that it affects other living beings and continue to rise until it encounters one another or persecutes our own people

Experiment and visualize the ideas and pictures of power to integrate into my illustration and be part of the interpretation of human power.

Represents power that follows roles or may change as roles change.
The food chain can represent power in a common ladder, and it can also be applied to a human rank or position.
Human using animal
Human using human
The language that empowers humans and sets us apart from other animals.
Symbols showing the nature of labor and the use of human power to humans.
People used animals as experiments.
Rank which is the inventions in an era of more complex society In order to expand the image of power to be clear

From the picture, I have both made and found on the Internet. It shows that humans are living beings with high powers because there are inventions known as language, equipment, and rank that has been used for a long time, this has given humans a higher power than other living things and used as the organizing human society, but is this the right thing? because when the limits of power disappear, it can be used to take advantage of humans as well as other animals or our planet. The term of human power will negatively affect themself or not?