Thesis blog #4

3 min readNov 14, 2020


The work starts with the word nationalism, which is instilled in children through the teaching of teachers who use their power to teach, punish, and instill in a way that they have been instilled in many areas Such as manners, dress, history, religion, and the monarchy which when some matters are being disputed or questioned by students What the students get is punishment, lower grades, or retrain them in the teacher’s direction. So, I took this behavior of the teacher and saw that it was a part of powerism This doesn’t have to happen just in the matter of politics. The meaning that I understand of powerism is Those who have access to power in a particular area Take the initiative in using that power to unfairly take advantage of the other side. So I got a new statement which is Powerism is everywhere. In this new interpretation of powerism, I got more information from the book called

Powerism by Thomorn Sukpricha .The content of this book is an article on the Matter website that can be read for free.

Thai history in the form of royalism Represents the use of the power of the king to cultivate and write history according to Their perspective towards the population.

The animal farm is a metaphor for the use of power from people in a higher position and shows what can be done.

With my interest in illustration, I have experimented with this technique for the visual experiment. The work I tried, in the beginning, was unclear in terms of content and communication as I am using the same style in the experiment, So I continued to experiment with new styles and techniques for communicating, as well as scope down the meaning of work towards authoritarianism based on occupation, religion or duty that have the power to take advantage of the other.

The outcome also made me realize that some of my work still cannot fully use the word powerism because my work only show the effect from the use of power only in a personal way but what I want to say is that powerism is everywhere and the work I do should show a form of power that affects many people such as media, religion, education, organization work, etc. The work that I made still has very few components, so I think the visual experimentation that I will continue to do will add more elements and backgrounds to the image and convey the meaning of the term powerism that has affected people in the wider group.